Personal Info:

Name : Aelbrecht Jhonie

Residence: Nieuwstraat 4 2870 Ruisbroek

Nationality: Belgium

Cell phone: +32 (0) 477.434.801


Art Skills:

3Ds Max 2009->2013: Modeling Rigging

Maya: Lighting

Illustrator: vector illustrations

Photoshop: Illustrations Digital painting

Z-brush: Sculpting

Fusion: Rotoscoping 2D Tracking VFX compositing

Grid-Logo Grid-vfx april 2013 to now:

Pipeline TD (Michiel de ruyter)

Pipeline TD (Asterix domaine des dieux)

Junior Pipeline TD (Oops! Noah is gone...)

Junior Pipeline TD (Knack)

prePipeline TD/ scripter (Junior Luke and lucy, Scramustache)

Technical support/ scripter (Percy Tiger Tales)

RalphStarckLogo Ralph Starck februari 2013 to april 2013:

Compositing/Keying/MattePainting/Modeling/Shading ("Anonymous" - Videoclip)

Grid-Logo Grid-vfx februari 2012 to februari 2013:

Lighter/Compositor (What's the Big Idea?)

I/O artist / wrangler (3d assets + some mild mel and python scripting)

Assistent vfx artist (as a vacation job)

Intern (part of the course Digital arts and entertainment)


Dutch: write read speak understand

English: write read speak understand

French: read speak understand (slightly)

Portuguese: speak understand (slightly)


Electro mechanics degree(2008) (high school)

Bachelor MCT Digital arts and entertainment (2012)


Youth animator

Youth head animator

Youth Instructor


2004 to 2005 leader of the group Kaj Bornem (Youth organisation)

2005 to 2009 Head of the department Kaj Bornem (Youth organisation)

2006 to 2010 Giving courses for youth animators


Magic the gathering